6 things that job hunters do that piss off recruiters
6 things that job hunters do that piss off recruiters

I have been in the recruiting business for over a decade now and it never ceases to amaze me how many job seekers just don’t get it.

There is a ton of career advice and resume advice online and in my opinion, there is no excuse for making some of the stupid mistakes that I will highlight below. Let me start by saying that the reason I am writing this post is to help job seekers by explaining what not to do during the job search.

Crappy resume – I am averaging over 100 resumes for every requisition I am working on.  At least half of the resumes I view are downright awful.  It is as if the candidate did not even care enough to spend time putting a decent resume together.  With all the resources available for job seekers, having a bad resume is unacceptable to me.

No email address – Come on people – it is 2010.  Put your email address on your resume.  There are times when I want to email you to initiate contact instead of calling you.  When I have your resume printed out I do not want to get back to my ATS or search my inbox for your email.  And for god’s sake, put your cell phone number on your resume, not your home number.

Lack of knowledge – When you apply for a job it is expected that you have done your homework and have a general idea about what the company is all about and what the position entails.  Not being prepared is just wasting the recruiters' time and not a good way to put your best foot forward.

Functional resumes- I HATE functional resumes and whenever I see one a red flag is raised.  The impression that job seekers give when using a functional resume is that they must be trying to hide something.

Chronic posters – Every recruiter has come across this character.  If you have 20 jobs open you can expect that person to apply to all 20 jobs whether they are qualified or not.  Very annoying!!

Resume sent in Works or Word Perfect format.  Microsoft Word is the preferred format, we do not have time to convert your file.  Yes, PDF is gaining in popularity but Word format is still the best bet. I will stop there but believe me I can go on.  I think I will save some more of my pet peeves for a later post.  Let me know what pisses you off the most.  Leave me  a comment be

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