Are you using your blog content for all its worth?
Are you using your blog content for all its worth?

We all know that content is the lifeblood of a successful blog.  As a blog owner, I am sure you will agree that producing quality content is one of the most challenging and time-consuming activities.

In addition to this blog, I own a career advice blog and I just purchased an investment blog so my time is very limited.  I have been thinking of ways that I can maximize the content that I am producing on my blogs.  I am sure you all are already doing the basics after you publish a post.  If your routine is anything like mine you probably send a tweet, add to Facebook and Amplify.  You may take it one step further and add your link to some social bookmarking sites like Blog Engage or Digg.   In this post, I want to highlight some additional ways to leverage and utilize your blog content in an effort to drive more traffic to your blog. Here are five ways that I have been using my content beyond just publishing it on my own blog.

Leverage your blog content

Article Marketing- Almost every time I write a blog post, I will rewrite the content in original articles and submit to several article marketing sites.  Ezine Articles is now in the top 10 referring sites for two of my blogs.  When I am finished writing this post, I will repurpose the content and create at least 2 new articles to submit to EA.

Guest Post- Similar to article marketing I have been trying to use existing content from recent posts as a foundation for writing articles for guest posting on offer blogs.  It is essential to make sure the guest posts are original and not too similar to the content on your own blog.  For example, after I am finished writing this post I will start writing a guest post on this theme but with a different spin.  I am thinking about something like, “Top 5 Content Syndication Sites for Bloggers”. 

Linkedin Discussions – Linkedin Groups has been an awesome source of targeted traffic for my blogs for about a year now.  Last month it got even better as Linkedin made their Groups “open” and are now indexed by search engines.  When I am done with this post, I will start a discussion on several blogging Groups that I am a part of and include a link back to my blog.  I will start the discussion by asking what other people do to leverage their existing content.

Alternate forms of Media – A simple and effective way to maximize your content is to convert your written words into audio podcasts and videos.  I am in the process of creating a series of videos on interviewing tips on my career blog.

Document Sharing Sites – This is an area that I recently discovered and seems to be a valuable resource for bloggers.  Take a look at Yudu - the leading self-publishing system that will help get your content noticed and drive traffic back to your site.

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