Make your site for search engines
Make your site for search engines

Most webmasters don't know how to make the website easy for search engines. If you are one, all of these changes will be followed by the below steps.

1. Search keywords – You should look into your keywords or get hurt on your site shortly before you begin building your website. 1. Use Overture to find the most popular keywords that relate to your website, using the keyword research tool. The opening will show how much traffic has been experienced with each keyword in the last 30 days.

2. Make a list of approximately 50 to 100 keywords you can include on your website. You should have found keywords searched most commonly, but few competing sites after you completed the above-mentioned research.

3. Write a minimum paragraph of 250, but better, for every web page, with 500 text words. Put the keys into this text, but be careful because you can repeat the keywords a great deal and make sure that the paragraph makes sense with all the keywords.

4. Meta tags optimize — Meta tags have lost touch with most search engines, but are still helpful! The keyword and description meta tags are the most important meta tags. Please include your keywords in each meta tag. You should use the keywords that are most commonly used on your website but keep them short for approximately 10-15.

5. Title Tag – The title tag is one of the strongest SEO on-site available, so use it wisely. Put your keyword in the title as possible close to the start, keep it short and tight.

7. Optimize your website size – Too many pictures or very large pictures on your web pages will slow you down and slow your site down. Cut large pictures with a Graphic Editor into smaller items. It will also be the same for many long pages and text.

8. Find backward links - Websites that link to you increase the popularity of your link. Search for your compatible websites. Web sites

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